How to use Velocity points to fly to South America?

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone has used their velocity point to get to south america? I believe I would need to go via air NZ. Naturally such information is not available on the virgin website. You need to call to investigate.

If anyone has done it, how many points did they use, either economy or business.



I can only think of flying Delta via USA. For example, SYD-LAX-DTW-GRU would fit under 15000 miles and costs 59,800 pts in economy and 95,700 Velocity pts in Business.

Now the challenge is finding availability in all 3 flights. The hardest should be the SYD-LAX leg.

Maybe others have experience redeeming a more direct route?

Thanks for responding.

I checked virgin MELB-LAX Business in Jan, it was 1.5 million points! How did you determine it would be 95,700 points? Would it be better to move my points over to Delta? I have about 300,000 points on hand.




South America is the biggest gap in VA’s network. You won’t get reward flights on AirNZ with velocity points, so forget that.

Your best bet is transfer to Krisflyer then go for a star alliance rewars flight. Even then you’re limited, United seems to be the only option really…

If you’re ok flying Y, just buy a revenue ticket on AirNZ, they’re pretty cheap. Also J sale is on for around $4300 return to South America.