How to use Qantas points to upgrade to business/first class from Melbourne to Vancouver?

Hi all,

This is a 2 part question.

  1. Whats the best way to use Qantas points to travel business/first class from Melbourne to Vancouver in august 2018? I have about 150k points for my wife and I.

  2. How do I actually purchase this? have never used points before. ie do I buy the economy tickets first then apply the upgrade??

thanks for any advice.

Hi Simon.

By far the best value is to book a 'classic reward ’ seat and in business class this will cost 96,000 points per person one way. I used the Qantas points calculator on their website.

To get these seats you will need to book a very long way in advance as they are few and far between.

Buying economy tickets first and then applying for an upgrade is possible but very much a gamble as upgrades are allocated on a ‘status’ tier basis and there are four levels above bronze.