How to use Qantas Points Plus Pay on Reward flights?

Hi, I have about 370k QF points and wish to fly to London with my wife in Feb/Mar 2024. I have selected one premium economy sector and economy return to Sydney. However, I am about 7,000 points short. I was expecting using Point Plus Pay I am able to purchase this 7,000 points.
When I select the second flight it does not allow me to proceed further (I have selected Award flights with Point Plus Pay) in the search and the error message said I have to switch to cash and I do not see an option to switch to cash.
So my question is it possible to use Points Plus Pay in my situation, if so how can I get to the page that will quote me the cash payment for these 7,000 points.

I don’t think you can use Points + Pay and still maintain the lower set point costs of a rewards flight. Point + Pay point costs is linked to the revenue (cash) price of the flight (usually an eye-watering amount of points).

One option for a quick Qantas point earn is to buy some wine via Qantas wine. The points usually land pretty quickly. You could consume the wine yourself or use them for gifts.

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Thanks. I will look into the wine option.

Welcome @james_90210_b!!
You can always buy Qantas Points to top up your FF account balance but it’s generally a bit pricey:

Click here to visit the Qantas Points Top Up page.

As @w.hiew has mentioned, the Qantas Wine offer is a “cheap” way to jag points. I literally came across this deal today - (it seems like the fine print wording is ambiguous but other sites are saying you must purchase Wine to qualify for the 5000 bonus points!??):

Click here to access the Bonus Points Wine Deal.

To check out other non credit card ways to earn points, take a look at this Points Hacks article:

… and check out Qantas’ page for all their various offers as well:

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Jenart, thanks. The Milkrun is also a very good option, just paying for groceries +$5 delivery.

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