How to use Qantas points for First class seats on sites other than Qantas?

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I’ve been reading through a lot of great blog posts, here’s my situation;

I’m trying to get First Class (or Business) to Singapore this year in November from Sydney. It’s my honeymoon, we’re heading to the Maldives but having a few days in Singapore prior.

I read a blog that Keith used his AAdvantage miles to get to Singapore.

Another blog post where it’s mentioned it is 90,000 qantas points flying with Emirates (we’re happy to fly down to melbourne if this flight doesn’t leave from Sydney)

My main question is how to book these flights if not going directly through the Qantas website?
I tried booking a dummy flight just now on Emirates and also on British Airways and I couldn’t see anywhere an option to pay with Qantas points.

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Hi Cameron

If you are looking to use Qantas points you will have to go thru the qantas website or call their CS. I just checked on qantas website and i could see BA first class available on a very few dates (13th, 14th and 21st of Nov’18) at 95000 qantas points plus taxes. Also plenty of business class options available in Nov’18.

In the blog you mentioned, Keith used his AAdvantage points to book a BA flight from Sydney to Singapore which means he must have gone thru either the American Airlines website or their CS.

In the other blog post, Matt suggests booking the Emirates First class using Qantas points (again thru the qantas website or their CS) is the best use of your points.

you will have to research the type of aircraft/type of seat (flat bed or not) and decide which one to book.

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Thanks very much,

I appreciate the effort and thorough reply!