How to use Qantas points for business class flights to Europe?

I have a tonne of Qantas points and hoped to use them to fly business from Europe to Sydney and back. On Qantas website it only offers me Economy seats on points. Can you use them for a business fare or can you only use them for economy then request an upgrade with points?

Hi and welcome,

Classic reward seats generally gives you the best bank for buck on your Qantas points. However, these seats are limited on every flight, especially the premium cabins.

It’s likely that business class seats are all taken or not available for some reason on the flights that you were looking at.

Unfortunately, you got to keep looking at different routes or dates to find the elusive premium cabin seats.

There is the option of booking economy seats with points and upgrading if/when the business class seats become available. Not impossible but rare to occur.

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Welcome @richardoliver23.
It can certainly be like finding a needle in a haystack sometimes, but it is definitely possible to find and book the pointy end of the plane as @w.hiew says.

Persistence, patience and creative itinerary planning will help you out a lot. I generally always search using the Multi-City search option - be sure to select “flexible with dates” and “rewards”:

This will give you a nice calendar view of premium seat availability and help greatly when trying to piece together an itinerary:

Best of luck, and happy hunting. :+1:

Great responses thank you!