How to use Qantas frequent flyer points during peak periods?


I’m a regular accumulator of Qantas FF points through credit card usage mostly. While I don’t gain a lot of points from flights, I do constantly change credit cards for the purpose of gaining bonus points, and have accumulated a reasonably large number.

My partner works as a teacher, so it becomes almost impossible to use points for flights given they need to be during peak times when we travel.

I’m aware that using FF points in the Qantas store isn’t the best use of them, but I figure even if i’m only getting about $0.65 per point that is still better than nothing (given I pay nothing to get them).

  • Does anyone have any experience using the FF store? Is it seamless or painful?
  • Any other ideas as to how to best use my points if I always need to travel in peak times?


Qantas store is painless to use. Just login and you can start shopping. Very bad value of points use, in my opinion.

I would suggest booking your travels, 10-12 months in advance (when flights open). It would help if you have Qantas status if you are after Qantas flights.

Hi Heatedwire,

I’ve found it all depends on where you are wanting to go and at what ‘peak’ time you are planning on going away. You can almost forget trying to redeem business or first class flights during December and January.

A quick look on the Qantas website now shows availability from Melbourne to Tokyo on Japan Airlines business class and economy on the way back during the September/October school holidays this year.

There are also lots of economy return seats that are available for redemption on all routes all over the world during the holidays which would be much better value to use points on compared to the Qantas store.