How to use KrisFlyer miles to redeem from AU east coast to Europe (stopover) and New York?

I’ve decided to make my first luxury redemption using the Singapore products (either business or first/suites) but came to this idea after flights had been released for pre Xmas 2018 flights (initially going to book VA business class to West Coast USA but then realised how scarce availability was).

As MEL - SIN - FRA - JFK are all waitlisted for anything between Dec 20-Dec 24 (ideally would like a stopover in EU), does anyone have suggestions for flying from MEL/SYD with a stopover in EU to JFK using the Star Alliance network with KF miles?

Ideal itinerary would be leaving AU anywhere between Dec 19-Dec22, stopover in EU and arriving in JFK no later than Dec 24.

TIA :slight_smile:

Hi elimbaga, I am leaving a comment instead of a response in hope that someone else can provide some more helpful advice.\r\nChristmas is a very peak season. You may have missed the 1st rush when the dates were just open for booking. This 3 leg flight is challenging to redeem on itself.\r\nFor a oneway redemption, you could pay U$100/150 to add a stopover. This is free on return redemptions.\r\nDepending on how many seats you require, I would suggest waitlisting and hope your waitlist clears and definitely make back up plans if you have to travel on those dates.

I was in a very similar situation however i had Velocity Points to use. looking to fly out December 21 and returning 2nd week of Jan

Trying to find F/J let alone PE was too much of a challenge for me and believe me i checked every day and morning in the lead up and there was never any availability.(melb to sin seemed to be the sticking point)

Singapore like you said either had waitlist or nothing leaving Melbourne. I did see some Star Alliance business availability on Air China but didn’t read the best reviews. And as for Virgin pretty much no hope.

The only way i was able to piece together F or J was to pay $$ MEL > SIN in economy or premium economy, then search from SIN – FRA – JFK, there seemed to be availability on the Star Alliance airlines with the likes of EVA Air, Turkish Airlines(only ones going through Europe) and Air China                                                  at a cost of 97,500 KF but im not sure if you can book stopovers using the star alliance.

In the end we ended up booking business with Etihad using the Velocity points. Plenty of availability, 1 stopover in abu dhabi, and business all the way it was a no brainer.

139,000 velocity + $654 in taxes/fees roughly.


So you have a few options but they may not be via Europe

  • Etihad like we did if you have Velocity Points Leave Melbourne 4.50pm arrive next day 8.55am. Perfect scenario in our case
  • Pay to Singapore and then search SIN>JFK
  • Try MEL>SFO/LAX as SIA is also an option( the reason why i didn't go with this one is the timing of the flights. By the time you got to SFO or LAX, then fly to NY it would be around 11pm-Midnight.
Good luck! and hope some of the above info is a bit of help

my next mission is finding a way back to Melbourne haha, SIA is all on waitlist or not available so looks like i’ll be waiting for Etihad dates to become available.



Thanks for the detailed response. I never considered Etihad with the velocity points and availability isn’t that bad. Will definitely consider this option. Do you know if they offer stop overs with the European cities before heading to JFK?