How to use Flybuy points to upgrade to business class on Emirates flight OR flights to Japan?

My final goal is either to upgrade from an economy class to business class with Emirates (BNE To DBX) for 2 persons OR upgrading from an economy class to business class when we wanna fly in near futures from BNE to Japan!

(Pls note that neither of the flights have been currently booked) but will definitely book Emirates one for March 2019 for only one person soon. not sure about he Japan which will be for 2 persons though!

I have around 100k Flybuys points, I am not sure how can I use them toward either Emirates or Japan ones, Also I have around 5k velocity points, Zero Qantas and 30k Skywards points form Emirates.

Would anyone can help me please? is it a good idea to convert Flybuys to velocity points as there is %15 bonus rate till end of Nov 2018? in this case how can I use them for my Japan upgrade flights?

In Emirates flights I found it very hard to collect points without applying for credit cards ( I am not fan of credit cards! lol) , I think they require around 120k points for an upgrade of economy to business!

You cannot use Flybuys points to upgrade on Emirates. Only Skywards points will work. Flybuys only transfer to Velocity (they used to transfer to Etihad), and Virgin Australia and Emirates have no partnership. So no luck there.

I’d suggest signing up to the free email course this site offers.

I would recommend saving enough points to redeem an outright award redemption ticket, and forget about upgrading. Unless you have status :wink:

Which airline are you going to Japan with?