How to use Award Logic for award flights searches effectively?

I signed up with Award Logic at the monthly rate. It finds flights but when you cross check on the airlines and partners Websites the flights aren’t there. eg Perth to London using Amex pts transferred to Avios The BA and partner site (Qatar airlines specifically) dont show any Business Class rewards fares available. Dont want to transfer my amex pts to avios if there are no flights as I cant get them back, help? garry

I find that Award Logic isn’t wrong most of the time. It’s just not exactly right to suggest you transferring points to Avios. What is most likely happening is that Perth to London award seats are available, but to Qantas Frequent Flyer members only. So you would need to use Qantas points to redeem them. Qantas could be releasing the flight reward availability to its own members and not to partners so that BA don’t have access to those flights and you can’t use avios.

Thanks for coming back to me. I have Qantas FF points and there are zero FF Bus rewards to London for the same date

Hmm interesting. Could just be Award Logic caching old availability that has now disappeared?

Do you find Award logic fair value and the best programme avail?

I prefer expert flyer but that is a bit less user friendly than Award Logic.