How to use ANZ Rewards points to book award flights to Singapore?

I love this site, so interesting - but I can’t seem to find my answers…

We want to fly to Singapore in June, and fly by premium economy or business. It’s our 60th birthday, so feel like we want to treat ourselves!!

We have 3mil. anz black visa rewards points, but don’t want to fritter them away, so can you suggest how we do this.

do we book economy first and then upgrade later?
thanks in advance for ANY comments or suggestions you can give


Hi Lee,

Happy birthday!

If you want to fly in premium economy or business, the only sure-fire way to guarantee that happens is to book premium economy or business. If you book economy, you may or may not be able to upgrade later, but there are absolutely no guarantees and you may well find yourself stuck in economy.

Also in many airlines, you can only upgrade by one class. So if you book in economy you might be able to upgrade to premium economy, but you won’t be able to upgrade to business. Furthermore, if you book using points, you may well not be able to upgrade at all. Check the fine print carefully!

The bottom line: be prepared to travel in the class you originally book in.

Hi Lee,

I would personally recommend transferring your Reward pts to Velocity or Krisflyer to redeem Singapore Airlines flights.

Depending on where you are based, it may costs less points to go via Velocity or Krisflyer. Krisflyer generally has more availability on Singapore Airlines flights.