How to use American Express Membership Reward points to get from Melbourne to Europe?

I have 250K points with an American Express card.
is it better to move them to KrisFlyer or Airmiles? or it does not matter.
Flying mainly from Melbourne to Europe


Hi Amir1973,

Not sure what you mean by “Airmiles” – there is, I think, an American programme with that name but you can’t transfer to it from Australian AmEx. Do you mean “Airpoints” (Air NZ) or “Asia Miles” (Cathay Pacific)?

Either way, the short answer is that you should keep your points in AmEx until you know what you want to do with them. If you find reward flights in KrisFlyer, transfer them to KrisFlyer. If you find a reward flight on Cathay, transfer to Asia Miles etc. But keeping your points in AmEx will give you maximum flexibility.

For what it’s worth, I personally find that reward flights are most readily available via Singapore/KrisFlyer.

Hope this helps!


I meant Asia Miles…

I have decided to move from this specific Amex card to another and have the 250K points that I will need to transfer to an airline, or lose them.

I have a lot of Virgin points that can be transferred to KrisFlyer, but Amex is (my) only CC where I can move points to Asia Miles

There have been some articles around saying that Asia Miles FF are the most flexible / cost effective ones and was interested in some real feedback






I was in the same situation, had velocity and amex points, wanted to fly from Sydney to Europe.

Velocity was hopeless, all the dummy searches ended up being 1+ million points.

Asia Miles didnt have any availability. Tried different dates and routes.

Kris had availability on many dates and routes and they let me book the flights before sending the points to their system. That saved me from gambling - sending the points and taking the risk of not getting the dates i wanted.

That made me realize that Velocity points are of very low value for me and i transferred them all to Krisflyer.


Ofcourse you may get different results with your dates and destinations.

That was my 1st ever redeemed trip and 1st ever flights in business class.