How to use American Express Gateway points to redeem flights to Bali?

Looking for some advice on travel to Bali.
Have a family of 4 and about 375,000 points sitting on my Amex explorer card, so can transfer to Asiamiles and Virgin (amongst others but i think most relevant here).
We are paying off large tax bills so ideally looking to pay next to nothing for flights and will reluctantly fly economy. Looking to be May next year, dates flexible.
On the weekend i was looking at Virgin and they had return flights for about 60pts per person as economy reward flights. I logged in today and that option is greyed out now and only “any seat economy” is available at 60000 one way per person. I don’t understand as other flight options have “Economy Reward” as sold out?
Dont hate me, but Jetstar currently has “business class” at 40000 points one way. We have flown this before and its almost premium economy but at least you get things like fast track and get on and off the plane earlier. My kids are 3 and 5 so anything not to line up.
My questions are, has anyone seen this issue with Virgin Website and how (if possible) can i use Asiamiles to book a points reward flight on Jetstar?
Also if you have any other tips or advice, much appreciated.

You will find it difficult to find reward seats during school holidays,  no different to getting cheaper tickets cor cash…

60000 points should be the full price of a ticket,   Bali Economy Reward is only about 22000pts from Brisbane

another alternative will be to fly Singapore airlines,   for 28,000pts in Economy.  My experience is you will still find reward seats even in school holidays.





Thanks for the info.

We are going in May so not school hols.

Prefer to fly direct minimising time on planes and in airports with a 3 and 5yo.

There was something funny happening with virgin site. Now there are flights for 28,000 so will prob go for that.