How to use a combination of Qantas and BA points to get from Brisbane to North America?

Hello newbie here so please bear with me :slight_smile:
I have 22k Qantas and 34k British Airways Avios points up my sleeve that I’d like to try to use up on a trip to Canada next June. I’d prefer to fly out of BNE but happy to go to SYD, whether on the same ticket or as a separate cheap sale price. I’d also like to avoid LAX but understand this is incredibly difficult flying with Qantas. I’m unsure how to go about booking a flight and using my points to upgrade when combining points. Any information would be wonderful!
Thank you!


You could try using to  estimate how many points/miles are required for a particular route. Unfortunately, the 2 different points you have cannot be combined to be used for a single flight. If you have a 1 stop flight, A-B-C. You may be able to use 1 type of points to fly A-B and the other type of points B-C.

I do have a feeling your point balance is insufficient for such a long flight. You would have to check to confirm. Please be aware awardace has some bugs in it too.