How to upgrade to Singapore Airlines business class using Velocity points?

Hi Everyone,

Looking to get some clarification here. I am currently looking to book a flight from Perth to London with Singapore Airlines and would ideally like to upgrade myself to business class. I’ve done a bunch of research and there are a lot of mixed messages i’m getting, so would love some input on personal experience or some rock solid info on what my options are to get the best result. Currently, i’m a velocity Platinum with a bunch of points to spare (can upgrade) and also have a linked KrisyFlyer account. I know i need to transfer points to velocity, but does that mean if i’m booking under my kris flyer account, i don’t get any velocity SC and Points?

I have a list of options i can send through, but looking at a starting point and some insight please!

Thanks so much!

You can only upgrade from an Economy Standard, Flexi or Premium Economy fare with points. You would have to transfer velocity points to a krisflyer account. Your flight’s points and SCs will still credit to Velocity if you have included your Velocity number in your booking. I would suggest checking this page on SQ’s website (scroll down to the upgrade section) to see if you are eligible and check out the points required.

Alternatively, you could bid for an upgrade similar to Virgin’s UpgradeMe Premium Bid. This lets you pay cash on selected bookings to upgrade.

Absolute legend! Thank you!

Another quick one - are you only allowed to upgrade one class or can you upgrade to any?
ie. Upgrade from Economy to Business Class or can you only up grade Economy to premium economy?

You can choose if you want to just go to Premium Economy or go straight to business. You can only choose one option to upgrade so you can’t fall back to Premium Economy for example, if your business class upgrade was unsuccessful.

Perfect - thank you so much.