How to upgrade Singapore Airlines flight with Krisflyer miles whilst crediting the economy flight to Velocity?

I am planning on travelling from Brisbane to Singapore on Singapore Airlines. I am a member of Velocity and would like to provide my Velocity number to get the status credits as this is generally where all my points go to help maintain my level. By assigning the status and mile points to Velocity when I book is it possible to later upgrade with Kris Miles if I transfer sufficient points for the purpose while still having the status credits credited to my Velocity for the original fare class booked. I would appreciate any advice.

You could book your flight through Singapore Airlines website and enter your Velocity number. Then upgrade with Krisflyer.

To be extra certain, I would book via Singapore Airlines website, upgrade with Krisflyer and then credit the flight retrospectively with Velocity.

Never tried this personally. So I might take the safe latter route.