How to upgrade Singapore airlines flight using Velocity points?

I am trying to find the number of velocity points for an upgrade. Flight from BNE to HKT via SIN on VA numbered flight, but Singapore airlines/SilkAir plane. Mainly just interested in the number of points BNE to SIN.
Any advice welcomed

Hi Deanne,

Where are you reading/hearing that an upgrade is possible? I might be wrong but according to the Velocity Terms & Conditions for using points to upgrade, “… flight upgrades are not available on … flights operated by any airline other than Virgin Australia”. Your flight is operated by Singapore Airlines, even though it has a VA flight number. (The quote is from Velocity T&C 20.1.6).

If you really want an upgrade you could possibly cancel your booking (if it’s not too expensive to do so), re-book the same flight via Singapore Airlines (ie. with an SQ flight number), convert your Velocity points to KrisFlyer and try to use your KrisFlyer miles to upgrade. Several things could go wrong, though. Personally, I think you should just keep your tickets and put it down as a learning experience.

Thanks for the advice. I am a novice at using points apart from domestic flights.

You can only upgrade long haul virgin flights if you are a gold member. It’s usually better to book with Singapore and convert your velocity points to KrisFlyer and upgrade (via velocity website, Redeem). Do note that with Singapore air you can only upgrade one cabin class, economy to premium (poor value in my opinion) or book premium economy and upgrade to business (much better upgrade!). If ther is no premium economy on your route/flight then economy to business is allowed. The KrisFlyer website shows how many points are required. There are guides on points hack for all this. Good luck.