How to upgrade from Hilton Honors Gold (from Amex Platinum Charge) to a Diamond?

Hi All.

Was wondering if somebody could clarify once and for all the following.

I received Hilton Gold Status from my AMEX Platinum Charge card.

As already a gold member, what is needed to be upgraded to a Diamond member?

  1. How many paid nights?
  2. How many stays?
    Are there any other ways to be upgraded to diamond?

As a gold member, If i book a room which is 1 category below the executive room, Upon check in if I am given a room upgrade to an executive room, will i be able to use the executive lounge?

Is there anyway to get a guaranteed room upgrade

You need 30 stays or 60 nights a year to achieve Diamond. Being Gold doesnt mean you start your year with 40 night credit and only need another 20 to get to Diamond.

Yes, if you are upgraded to the exec floor, you will have lounge access. You dont neesarily have to book 1 level below exec to be upgraded to exec floor. That can happen even if you book a standard room.

They will feed you brekky regardless, so thats a good thing.

There is no such thing as guaranteed room upgrade. They are provided if/when available.