How to upgrade Emirates flight with points?

Hi , I am at the beginning of my points journey and am very confused . I currently have 120000 qantas points .
We are flying emirates to Italy and home from amman to Brisbane in September which has been paid for . I am just looking into upgrading with skyward miles for the flight home when we check in . What is the quickest way to accumulate 210000 skyward miles please ???
Can we transfer qantas points to emirates ??
Which credit card will help the most ??

Thanks so much for reading and helping .

You cannot transfer Qantas points to Emirates Skywards points. The best way to get skyward miles is through American Express credit cards, a good sign up bonus should get you around 100000 skyward miles. However, 210000 is a lot you need and generally is unachievable with in a very short timeframe. If you are really looking to upgrade, I would suggest asking at check-in on the day for upsell options which is the cheapest way you would upgrade.

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djtech is right – American Express is your best way to accumulate Emirates Skywards miles but be aware that even AmEx Ascent points convert to Skywards at a 4:3 rate – so even a 100,000-point AmEx signup bonus will only net you 75,000 Skywards points when converted. And the rate will reduce further after April 14.
Two strategies that might just possibly work for you to accumulate the extra 135,000 points are…

  • Put a couple of hundred thousand dollars worth of expenses, or business expenses, on your AmEx card and accumulate the extra points through spending. (this will only work if you’re uber-wealthy or a business owner).

  • Get your spouse or partner to _also_ apply for an AmEx card, and set up an Emirates Skywards My Family account to (sort of) pool your points. (This will only work if you have a spouse or partner).

If you have a very high income and/or family who are willing to help out, 210000 points before September is doable – but only barely. If you’re earning an average Australian wage or thereabouts, I don’t think you’ll be able to make it.