How to upgrade a Qantas economy Red-fare ticket to business or premium economy?

Good Evening fellas,

I bought a ticket with Qantas on a red-fare ticket. Sydney to Chicago. It will be a Qantas flight from Sydney to Dallas and then AA from Dallas to Chicago.

I have 400,000 FF Pts. My reservation wont allow me to upgrade as the code is shared, or because i purchased the red-fare special in economy.

What are your thoughts/advice on how to fly either business or premium eco?

Cancelling my ticket and purchasing a business ticket will cost $21,000. Not in a position to do that.

Thanks kindly.

Not possible to upgrade at all as it’s a red special fare.

Curious why you didn’t make rewards booking to Chicago with that many qantas points.

Hi Mark,

The rewards route was a terrible one, and was the only one available at the time of booking. 35-36hrs from memory via middle east as opposed to Syd-LA-Chi.

Thanks for your reply and help.