How to upgrade a Lifemiles redemption flight to First class?

My wife and I have confirmed business class awards through Lifemiles CDG-BNE next September and would like to upgrade to first class CDG-BKK ( no first available BKK-BNE).
Will appreciate any advice on how to request same; do we use points (how many?) or cash (how much?) or can we use combo of cash and points like original purchase.
Thanks in advance

Hi Morgz45,

I heard from friends that it is best to not make changes to LM redemptions. It can be messy because of their poor customer service. Changes also involve U$150/200 per passenger too from memory. Don’t let me discourage you from changing but expect it to be challenging.

In principle you can change the flight if there are availability in the cabin/flight you want to change to. You will have to pay the price (miles and $ difference and change fee).

Another option is, you could see whether you could start a new redemption from scratch and cancel the older reservation (I heard refunding can also be challenging).

Hope that helps.


Thanks for you comments.

I was looking at the up grade section of LIFEMILES where you can request an upgrade, I didn’t think of it as a change.

will rethink

thanks again