How to upgrade a Hong Kong to Melbourne flight with Velocity points?

OK I"m a goose. I have heaps of Virgin points and thought I could use them to upgrade my flight from Hong Kong to Melbourne next year. Just 3 weeks ago I lost my status as a gold member and now I am told I am unable to upgrade my flight. I’m rather devastated as I would not have booked the flight had I known this. However… when I contacted Virgin they said if I know someone who is a Gold member they can upgrade me with their points and then I repay them with my points. Does anyone know anything about this and is anyone able to help me please please please?

Hi sparky,

Due to the lack of response, here are my 2c worth of advice.

Unless you can get in writing from Velocity that you can transfer your points to a non-family member, transferring to a non-family member is in breach of their T&C and could get your account frozen.

Hope you have sorted out the issue in the last 2 months. All the best.