How to transfer AMEX points to a KrisFlyer account of another person?

I have a KF account with some points but not enough to book 2 seats.
My wife has 100K points on her AMEX Explorer, if she transfers to KF she doesn’t have enough to book 1 seat.
I don’t have AMEX
We did transfer from her AMEX to my KF but got an email requesting verification from SA, and just found out that is not allowed to do so, so I think they will reverse the transfer.
What other ways do we have to reconcile the points?

You will loose significant amount of points, but you can transfer to Velocity, use family pooling into your account and transfer to KF.

I think it is allowed, I am not sure.
I was in similar boat to you, and KF / Amex are not flexible in regards to who own the points.

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The KF points from my wife’s AMEX are still in my KF account and I got an email from SA asking for verification to provide:
• your passport ID page;
• boarding passes/immigration stamps (of the travel date); and/or
• bank/credit card statement with your address and the mileage accrual/transfer transaction

I am not sure what they mean in the last two points