How to successfully correct a typo with a last name on a Qantas RTW booking?

I have really appreciated the help I got booking our RTW, we found all BC flights and thought everything was OK…

Except they misspelled my partner’s surname (incorrect letter). I realised before I paid and said it needed to be corrected, they had issues process the payment (it took 6 calls!), and said that they needed to process payment first and would correct the typo after. Then after payment was processed, the agent told me it couldn’t be corrected, it needed to be cancelled and rebooked. I escalated, was told it would be fixed etc…

It’s nearly 2mo later, and still no resolution, is there anyway to get this fixed? Short of cancelling and trying to rebook (and hoping they don’t make another typo)? Multiple times I’ve been promised it would be fixed would be fixed (after lots of ‘it’s not our policy, partner airlines etc.’) and get ghosted. Is the Customer Advocate an option?

(And I’m Bronze, so even lower priority for them)

I had a Business reward flight booked and discovered an error in the spelling of my name and rang the Qantas overseas call centre (I should have just not worried about it in hindsight). Without even telling me what they were doing the operator cancelled it, and then I lost that reward flight because it was no longer available to re-book. The operator then told me that the only way they could fix a spelling error is to cancel the flight and re-book it (thanks for telling me after you just went ahead and did it Qantas!). I have no idea if that’s correct or if it’s just a hopeless overseas operator, but be careful if they’re cancelling it that it will still be available to re-book. If you could lose the flight all together, I would consider just not even worrying about it.

Thanks for the response, that is a big concern. From what I’ve read, it being a single letter (in a somewhat long, otherwise correctly spelt name) isn’t the end of the world. But we’re also going across multiple continents and require some visas, so I don’t want to get stranded somewhere because a different airline or country doesn’t accept the difference

My understanding is that spelling mistakes can only be corrected by cancelling the ticket. Doing so means that you will lose your seats and the seats may not go back to the reward pool for you to rebook.

If Qantas was feeling helpful they can ask the relevant airlines to make a special release of reward seats so that your original itinerary can be replicated.

Or Qantas can buy revenue seats for you.

I think that you will have a long and hard fight on your hands if you attempt the above options. You will need to be mentally prepared for it.

I would probably just move on by cancelling the ticket, see what seats go back to the reward pool and reconstruct an alternartive itinerary.