How to stop Qantas points from expiring when you can't fly?

I have Qantas Frequent Flyer points
but no flights
gift cards?
not much bang fir buck compared to upgrades…

Hi @blind-sided

Your Qantas points will NOT expire as long as there is some activity – any activity – on your account before 31 October. That will extend their expiry by another 18 months.

There are a thousand ways to put some activity on your Qantas FF account, ensuring your points won’t expire. Go to the Qantas website to find out more. You could download the Qantas Wellbeing app, buy petrol from BP and scan your Qantas FF card, etc, etc, etc. This Point Hacks article might also give you some ideas.

I would recommend against gift cards but they’re your points; it’s up to you what you do with them.

thanks for the advice
Apples App store has no Qantas Well Being App

i just found the Qantas Wellbeing app on the Qantas site

having been kindly pointed in the right direction
I believe this is correct:

tips for keeping Qantas Frequent Flyer points active

Q Flights: Book a flight with points inc Qatar Airlines

Q Wellbeing: Download free Qantas Wellbeing App

Q Mall: Shop online via the Qantas Mall

Q Shop: Use points to buy in online Qantas shop

Q Wine: use points to buy Qantas wine

and just to conclude this saga
to keep my points safe for another 18 months
(by then we might have a C19 vaccine)

I sacrificed 20,300 on a $100 Woolworths Gift Card
in the Qantas Mall

BtW the Q Wellbeing App looked attractive…
until you become aware of its intrusive nature
it earns points while you sleep,
so there must be a catch.
for there’s no such thing as a free lunch…

Qantas Wellbeing is mainly the way that Qantas gets information about your health (sleep is really just an unnecessary part they added to add its ‘health’ appeal). Presumably, they use those information to inform more generally about their health and car insurance products. Notice how they have BMI checks and step goals and reminders to keep up your tire pressure? The app is probably a big source of data to Qantas on their insurance and it helps them to promote their products as well (notice the not so subtle earn 10x more points offer if you buy a Qantas insurance product). Still, free points are free points. The only thing to worry about for others trying to use this app to get more points with their expiry due in a couple days is that the points do take about a week or so to go into your account so beware if your points are expiring before then. Other than that, setting this up on your phone is a simple, no fuss way to perpetually keep your points from expiring, putting away worries of expiring Qantas points into the distant lands.

All you need to do is go buy something from woolworths and have your rewards card linked to auto transfer to qantas.

Same for 7/11 petrol and velocity points.


Any points activity will do. Link your Qantas membership to a BP membership, then buy a cup of coffee or a newspaper (or anything else) at a BP outlet, scanning your Qantas card or your BP card at the checkout. I get 7 points a week for buying two newspapers.