How to start point hacking for a 2025 trip to USA?

Hi Guys,
Need your advice here. We have two families who want to get as many points as possible to help pay for a trip to the US in 2025.
We aren’t sure which is the best points to be trying to build which will build the quickest and help us buy flights and if possible hotels etc. Is it better to build Velocity or Qantas points? Which should we focus on on?
Which rewards card would help us build points the quickest? Keep in mind a lot of our bills don’t accept AMEX?
Any hints and tips to build points the quickest or ways to buy at a discounted price?

Thanks so much for your help!!!

Hi and welcome.

We have plenty of previous posts on how to start.
Some advices will still be valid.

Personally, as I do not run a business, credit card signup bonuses are primarily where I earn my points. If both couples in the family have income, apply credit cards for both individuals to earn “twice” as fast.

I usually try to have a long term Amex and Visa/Master combo (usually high earn rate) and apply/cancel other high signup bonus cards.

Qantas will give you access to more airline partners to get to USA when compared to Velocity. I’d suggest focussing on one then diversifying to the other. However, 2025 is rather far away and you will be booking in 2024, which is still 2 years away. So there should be time to collect the required points even if you diversify at the start.

We couldn’t really recommend any specific credit cards. I’d suggest looking for high signup bonus cards that you qualify for. Have a look around the credit card section (there used to be a page highlighting current credit card deals; I couldn’t locate it) or Google reward credit card comparison.

Always remember to pay off your credit card bill in full as any interest charged is usually not worth the points earned.

Good luck

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