How to resolve issue with crediting Singapore Airlines flights to Velocity Frequent Flyer for status credits?

Backstory, flew Singapore Airlines Business Class Melbourne-London-Melbourne accumulated over 550 status credits on Velocity(enough for Gold) , however, VA informs me that my membership level (Red) doesn’t change as it was an SQ only flight and it doesn’t meet the eligible sector’s requirement. If it is relevant I have about 300k in points on Velocity.
So my question to you is
1.Is there any way to salvage this conundrum to move up my membership level?
2. Failing that how can I best make use of this situation

Hi ggupta,

If the conditions on this page are not being met, there is probably not much you can argue about.

Hi ggupta,

Essentially you have enough status credit’s to upgrade to gold, however in order to upgrade, VA stipulates you need to take four eligible sectors. These can be any type of class or fare, as long as your ticket has a VA at the start. Unfortunatley despite you having a large velocity balance, these flights can’t be reward seats, i.e. you’ve got to pay cash.

In order to upgrade to gold you simply need to ensure you take 4 Virgin Australia flights within the next year. If you’re particularly keen to get the status ASAP you could potentially do a one day status run for approx. $400 i.e. SYD-BNE-SYD-BNE.