How to research on Oneworld RTW itinerary and award space?

I hope someone can help me with the correct process to use in booking reward flights for a RTW ticket.

I have contacted the QFF line on at least 7 occasions and always get conflicting responses from staff who have little or no knowledge on the requirements.

I have followed the QF, AA, BA and Asia Miles sights intently for over the last month and formulated a flight by flight itinerary.

Not all of my selected Business Class Classic Reward seats show up on the QF site. I have found them on the partner sites.

The QF representatives advise they can’t book partner Reward Seats if they are not showing on the QF site.

How do I get over this problem? Do I need to book all that I can see on the QF site and leave the others empty.

There obviously is an art to this. I am becoming more frustrated by the hour

Available seats vary across the various FF programs. This is because some airlines make reward seats available to some partner airlines but not others.

By all means use the AA, BA & CX websites as a guide when looking for reward seats if you find it easier but do not get frustrated if those seats are not available to book using Qantas points.