How to redeem the new Singapore A380 Suites?

I’ve been looking for rewards seats for the new A380 Suites (SYD-LON) as far in advance as possible (looking 355 days in advance) and the flight with the new A380 is constantly coming up with not available on the Singapore airlines website (when searching for KrisFlyer redemption flights) even though when searching as a paid ticket all seats are available. Just wondering if you think it is going to be possible to somehow book this reward seat? (Also it would need to be 2 seats, but I’ve only been searching for one).

Also, as I’m based in Melbourne, do you have any knowledge about the potential date for when the new A380’s will be available on a Melb-Lon flight?

Hi rickm,

You would need to redeem Suites Standard (costs more Krisflyer Miles) or waitlist for the Suites Saver (doubt it is available). I know of 2 friends, who had to redeem Suites Standard to try.

Similar to when the first generation suites was introduced 10 years ago, the Suites was not redeemable under Suites Saver. Hopefully, similarly to 10 years ago, the new Suites would be redeemable under Suites Saver.