How to redeem seats when flying with an infant?

Hi, I have previously redeemed business class ticket on emirates before. I am expecting a baby soon and wanted to get an understanding on how business class redemption would work if you are travelling with an infant (under 2)? Do I find a standard reward seat for myself and then request a bassinet/add the infant on the booking later or do I need to find 2 reward seat (1 for myself and another for the infant)?

Thank you

Hi Howard,

Congratulations on the little one.

One way of doing it is redeeming a standard seat for an adult (parent) as per normal. Then, closer to the departure date, ring up the FF program you redeemed with and ask to add an infant attached to your booking. Unfortunately, you generally have to pay 10% of the cash fare of your redeemed cabin class. (E.g. 10% of business class seat if you redeemed business class). Infants fly free if redeemed on Qantas or Velocity. Infant will not have its own seat.

Alternatively, if you are point rich, cash poor or infant wants its own seat, you could redeem a seat for infant. May or may not be a great idea but would cost you a lot of points for the little human.