How to redeem Melbourne to New York business class tickets with Krisflyer miles for August 2019?

Hi All,

I posted on this a little while ago, but didn’t get an answer, so am trying again :slight_smile:

I was hoping to get a few more bits of information:
-If my points can also be used for velocity, is award redemption to the USA from AUS better with velocity?
-I did a quick search on KF for flights to New York in July (August not showing now), and it doesn’t show any saver flights available (only waitlist). Do you know if these ever become available on saver?
-I notied that SA is now doing regular flights to LAX, and that there should be availability on saver. Would this be a better way to try get to New York from Australia?
Thanks again

Hi Skafhold,

I had a play on SQ website and indeed JFK and EWR seems to be mostly waitlist at the edge of the booking calendar. Whereas, SFO and LAX is much easier to grab.

If your trip to USA is fixed, I would personally, waitlist the flights to JFK or EWR and then secure the SFO or LAX flights.

JFK requires 3 legs to line up. Hence, it is rather challenging to book at best of times. E.g. SYD-SIN-FRA-JFK. Whereas there is a direct SIN-EWR of that is a palatable option.

If you don’t mind the longer route and potentially higher mile costs, you could also consider making a Star Alliance redemption. SYD-SIN-LAX/SFO with SQ and LAX/SFO to NYC with United.

Hope that helps. Good luck.

Hi Warren,

Thanks so much for the information.

I have found many options to fly to SFO - which is a great option as I would love to stay over there.

I am wondering if there are any tips on getting the flight from SFO to New York. Can I somehow package this into the original booking and have SFO as a stop over?

If not, what is the best way to use points to get from SFO to New York on business class.

Thanks again!