How to redeem Melbourne to New York business class tickets with Krisflyer miles for August 2019?

Hi All,

I am hoping to travel to NYC next year around August. Although August is the ideal time, I am rather flexible based on availability. I have a substantial amount of points (reward and velocity), and I generally try to book on Singapore with Kris Flyer. I have never had much luck in finding availability for reward redemption to the USA.

Ideally I am looking to fly MEL to NYC, in business class, around August. I did read about some new flights by SA to the USA, so hoping this may help my cause.

I cannot seem to find anything though. Could someone point me in the right direction for this?


Hi Skafhold.

Reward flights for August next year have not been released yet. This page

will show when they are available.

Thanks for the response.

I was hoping to get a few more bits of information:

-If my points can also be used for velocity, is award redemption to the USA from AUS better with velocity?

-I did a quick search on KF for flights to New York in July (August not showing now), and it doesn’t show any saver flights available (only waitlist). Do you know if these ever become available on saver?

-I notied that SA is now doing regular flights to LAX, and that there should be availability on saver. Would this be a better way to try get to New York from Australia?


Thanks again