How to redeem first class classic rewards flights to USA?

My fiance and I are getting married in the USA in July 2020 and we were wanting to redeem some First Class flights using points but I am struggling to find any for June 2020. Could someone please help me with the following questions;

How far in advance do First Class Classic Flight Rewards seats become available?

Is it less than the normal 350 days?

There are no First Class seats available in June but there are plenty of Economy and Business seats available, should I wait to see if they become available or just buy business?

Thank you.

Hi Mattyj4444,

Your use of the phrase “Classic Flight Rewards” leads me to guess that it’s Qantas you’re talking about?

Different airlines release reward seats at different times. With Qantas, if you have Gold or above status, you’ll be able to see the seats 353 dates in advance. If you’re Bronze, you’ll have to wait a couple of months after that.

But the fact that you’re seeing Business class availability for June 2020 leads me to make another guess about you: you are Gold or above.

The bad news is that Qantas seats in premium cabins to the USA are incredibly hard to find. If there’s no First class availability now, it’s best to assume that it won’t turn up later. If you can see Business seats available, grab them while you can.

In the (probably unlikely) event that First class seats do become available down the track, you could call Qantas and for a small points penalty (plus the extra points required for a First redemption) they should be able to move you up.

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Thank you sixtyeight,

Sorry for being a little vague, yes I am booking with Qantas and yes my fiancé and I are both Gold Status with Qantas.

Thank you very much for your insight, it has been most helpful!

From, Matt

Glad to have helped. And all the best with your upcoming marriage!