How to redeem Cathay Pacific Hong Kong-Dubai-Melbourne for Aug 2020 with Qantas points?

I have been watching QFF rewards flights for August 2020. I am hoping to book Dubai - Hong Kong & the Hong Kong - Melb on Cathay Pacific flights. Each day seats are released for the Dubai - Hong Kong leg (we are up to late August) but no new dates have been released for the Hong Kong - Mel leg for a week & a half. The latest date available is the 14th August. Does anyone know why the there is the difference in release dates?
I don’t want to book the first leg if I can’t get the second leg.

Hi Cherylk,
Which cabin class are you looking to book? For how many passengers?
I’ve just done a very quick search on the Cathay Pacific website. There’s quite a bit of availability on the Hong Kong-Melbourne route using Asia Miles, in all 3 classes, after 14 August. This is what you should do:

  1. Hop onto the Cathay Pacific website yourself and do a search (click on “Redeem flights”). Once you’ve found Asia Miles availability on a flight you want, note down the exact flight number and date.

  2. Armed with that information, call Qantas. Hopefully the Qantas person will be able to see the reward flights on their computer system and will be able to book the flights for you. Ask them (nicely) to waive the telephone booking fee because you couldn’t find the flights online. If at first you don’t succeed, try the tried-and-trusted Hang Up And Call Again method.

Let us know how you go!

I’ve found that Cathay Pacific releases most of their award space to their own Asia Miles members. Qantas and other partners only get a subset of them until closer to departure.