How to redeem business reward seats when they don't come up online


I’m looking to travel from Sydney to London (or Paris if availability is better) around September/October 2020. Using Qantas search, there are quite a few business reward seats offered through China Eastern, though they aren’t my first choice, but there isn’t much else available. Tonight, I tried tinkering with things and doing a multi-stop trip SYD > DFW > LHR as although it’s a longer trip, the carriers are more preferable.

Ironically, this then displayed British Airways business reward seats on codeshare flights from SYD > LHR via Perth, available in business class with only the LHR > DFW flight in economy.

My question is, why does the BA flight come up as an option this way, but I can’t book just the SYD > LHR segment in business even though that segment shows as available under a different search? Is there a way to book this by calling up etc. or should I be searching another way?


The Qantas website award search has it’s fair share of oddities and bugs. Using the multi-city search is a popular way to get the system to search specific routes instead of from A to B.

I don’t for the life of me understands why but it’s just one of those things I have learnt to accept.

There are things called married segments too. This article probably explains it better than I ever will.

All the best.

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