How to redeem business class award seats from Brisbane to United Kingdom when travelling with an infant?

I am due to have a baby this year and plan on attending a wedding in the UK shortly before baby will be 2. I had read KRISFLYER charge 10% of cash fare and maybe better to try my luck with Velocity redemption for infant to be free. I did a test booking on Velocity and whilst I can see the fare without the infant when I add an infant its still visible but greyed out and I cannot select it.

I am flexible as to what airport and country we fly in and out of as long we get ourselves to London & Manchester during the trip. Any ideas about this?
Will I need to search and phone Velocity to book? It will be a summer wedding too so I don’t love my chances at getting 2 x reward seats to UK already :frowning:

From what I read, you book the award seats for the adults and closer to the departure date, you ring up Krisflyer (if used KF miles) or VFF (if used VFF pts) to attach the infant to one of the adult’s booking. As the infant will not be occupying a seat on his/her own, there is no restriction of award availability.

But yes, try to use Velocity pts if you want to avoid the 10% infant charges.

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