How to redeem a round the world itinerary with Asia Miles?

Firstly what a wealth of knowledge here in this community! I will say though my head is spinning with questions from all my research. I’m hoping you can help me as I take my first leap into booking via redemption…

I have saved a lot of Westpac points and now want to redeem a RTW (BC if possible) for my son and I for Dec 2023.

Q1. I have read on here to book flights as they come available, you can cancel and rebook as others become avail…is that correct? And if so when is ticketing done so you don’t get caught paying for changes?

Q2. If I book as they become available, how do I get Asia miles to consolidate into one booking as they offer RTW BC fare for 210k points for 25-35mile itinerary…or do I have to wait till I find all seat’s available and book at one time…which seems impossible.

Q3. I understand that airlines (AA, AirC, Qatar) using avios points show flights that you can’t always see on Cathy’s pacific redemption site… is there any other option to book those seats other than A) phoning Asia miles and asking if they can book thus costing me $ or points by booking thru the call centre or B) transferring Asia miles to avios (double transfer fees)

Sorry for all the questions and thank you in advance as I’m keen to jump in and apply the knowledge shared!


Ok let’s take these questions one at a time.

  1. Booking as you go is the done thing yes because reward tickets are much more flexible than paid tickets and availability often gets snapped up as soon as it is made available. You can’t really avoid paying the fees as you can’t stop them from ticketing your ticket. You just kind of have to factor in the change fees as part of the costs of the booking.

  2. I think you need to find enough for the initial requirement for the RTW fare with Asia Miles to book that rate and then you can add on from there.

  3. Not sure this is true. Qatar airways does release more award availability to certain partners (i.e. the ones using avios) than others. Generally, what you find on partner airlines’ websites will be able to be accessed by Cathay as well though. You just need to book online if it is available or if the website isn’t cooperating, phone them to book. You cannot transfer to avios.

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Thank you so much for answering all my questions…I’m learning so much. I have found all tickets except my leg home (lax -oz) :frowning:….I rang the Asia miles call centre and tried to confirm if I booked these tickets now and then added the end flight later ….would the computer ascertain it complies with rtw and refund me points and ticket as that. Currently my points are 400k for 2pp. When I add the hm leg it will be an extra 180k. If rtw it would be total 440k points not 580k…when I asked he said yes but I’m not sure he understood……do you know if it can be done? Obviously I would pay the ticket change fee and taxes. Hoping you can help.teen

Have never done this before but to my knowledge this should be possible. Pretty sure they don’t have any redeposit fees either so should be refunded?

Does your itinerary comply with the relevant RTW rules?

A quick Google search pulled up this article which may be a tad old.

Let us know your intended itinerary and we may be able to comment more.

Thanks everyone for your advice and support… I’ve got the following redemption flights found but no matter which way I go I can’t find my way back hm. I’ve spoken to Asia miles and I can’t book as rtw without my hm leg. Itinerary to date:

Mel - Cdg (incl transfer 1)
Cdg - hel
Hel - lon
Open jaw
Dublin - lax

HERES MY PROBLEM……I can’t find any thing that will get me back to Mel. My thought was book anything even if weeks after the date I wanted (13 Jan) and later find the better flight once they released more….but there is nothing.

I thought I read flights were release 353 days out but nothing… any thoughts or advice?

Hi @urlee_tq

In this situation I’d use the website or app to find out which Oneworld airlines fly into Melbourne, and from where. Then search for reward availability on those routes.

Once you’ve found something, then look at reward flights from LAX to wherever you’re picking up the flight into Melbourne.