How to purchase an infant ticket on LATAM flight after redeeming an adult ticket with Asia Miles?

Hello - newbie here and seeking some wisdom from the experienced points hacks community.

I am planning on using up some soon-to-expire Asia Miles points to redeem a business class flight from Sydney to Auckland on LATAM, but also have a 4 month old that I have to take with me - intention is to have her lap travel instead of a redeeming or purchasing a separate dedicated seat.

I reached out to AM who say that I can’t redeem a lap travel infant ticket using AM points…. but is it possible to go ahead and redeem the adult ticket via AM, then contact LATAM later on to purchase the infant ticket at 10% of the normal purchase price and attach that to Adult ticket?

Once you get the LATAM specific PNR from Asia Miles, you can ring LATAM and tell them you want to add a lap travelling infant to one of the passengers. You’ll be charged 10% of an adult fare and taxes according to this site.

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