How to pick seats on Qatar flights (redeemed with Qantas points)?

Hi, I’ve booked a multi-flight trip to Europe utilising my Qantas points. Several of the legs are travelling with Qatar Airlines. I have gone onto the Qatar website to choose my seats, as you can not do that on the Qantas website. I have put in my booking number and brought up the seating section, however it says I am unable to choose my seat.
What have other’s experience been utilising Qatar airlines and choosing their seats? Thanks


I have no specific experience in this but am trying to see whether I can help in any way since there is a lack of response from others.

If you have the eticket # or Qatar PNR (confirmation number, which is usually different from the Qantas PNR), you could try “managing bookings” via Qatar, or other partner airlines. I have heard that Finair has a good interface for this.

You could try this and see whether that helps. If all else fail, ring up Qatar.

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Hi w.hiew,
Yes I did end up ringing Qatar, they have no Australian office so I had to ring Doha head office. $180 in phone calls later I was able to reserve my and my husbands seats. Did not know what seats we were getting even though I tried to follow her allocation using seat guru. We ended up being allocated rear facing seats in the crazy herringbone arrangement that Qatari now have in use.
I spoke with Qantas the next day and they confirmed they have had complaints regarding Qatar not allowing online seat selection by Qantas points customers. She said she only hoped it was being looked into.

Wow that’s a bummer. I found a Qatar Australia number
1300 340 600 option 1. Not sure whether it would have been helpful with your seat selection request. What’s done is done, I guess.

If you have the flight numbers, dates (& maybe seat numbers), we should be able to get to the bottom of the seat layout.

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Oh wow! That’s always the way :frowning:
Thank you for this number I may still give it a try and change the reverse seats we were allocated.
Thank you for this number.

You could just go to Royal Jordanian website and put in your booking details then you’ll be able to reserve the seats you want

I attempted to do that however it won’t allow you to choose seats and asks you speak with your booking agency. I can log in to select meal preferences but not seat preferences, hence my question to this forum.

Well that’s strange as I also booked Qatar using my Qantas points and was able to select seats on

Did you use your qantas booking number? I’v tried numerous times, and I’ve recently spoken with qantas who have confirmed the difficulty.
When did you last book the seats? Also Royal Jordanian is not Qatar airlines from my reading.

RJ and Qatar are not the same and have separate sites. I went to RJ and yes you can select seating, which I could not do on the Qatar website. Thank you for this information… all very confusing!!

Yes RJ and Qatar is not the same airline but they’re both part of Oneworld, which means the same PNR can be seen across all partner airlines. Currently only RJ would allow you to select the seats on all Oneworld flights. I’ve found this solution on another forum after numerous research. Perhaps pointhacks could have a dedicated article on this one to help other readers.


I agree about announcing this information. I too had searched to see if there had been a discussion set up for this and could not find it. So I’m happy now that I’ve been able to do it…so thank you for your reply januskaing