How to optimise Krisflyer miles transfered from Westpac Rewards?


It’s probably a silly question. Is it possible to transfer all 90,000 points from westpac Altitude to Velocity, then transfer to krisflyer? Does this allow you to transfer the points twice?

If possible, is this a better way of getting more Krisflyer points?


Hi SH,

It’s been a while since I stayed up to date with Westpac rewards’ transfer rate.

When I was a cardholder, the Westpac Reward transfer rate to Velocity was 2:1 and transfer rate to Krisflyer was 2.5:1.

Example, if you have 100k Westpac points, you can transfer to get 50k Velocity points or 40k Krisflyer miles.

50k Velocity points transfers to 37k Krisflyer (1.35:1).

So it is better to go directly to Krisflyer.

BIG however. If Velocity is running a 15% bonus transfer, it would tip the scales.

100k Westpac points would get you 57.5k Velocity points.

57.5k Velocity points transfers to 42.6k KF.