How to maximise Velocity/Qantas status benefits when flying Qatar Airways?

Hi there,

I’m velocity gold and hence eligible for QR lounge access. In addition, can I add in my QF FF details and claim points?

Or does my VA FF Number need to be in my booking in order to get lounge access… and hence I can’t credit points to Qantas?

Lastly… as QF silver, but flying on QR, am I entitled to bonus points - as I would be if flying on QF metal?

Many thanks in advance…

There are a few opportunities to change FF # at the airport.

You could change this during check in for lounge access.

Then you could change it again at the gate for earning status/points (if eligible). Check out for “where to credit” flights.

Thanks Warren. So does this mean I have to add my Virgin Velocity Gold number in, in order to access Qatar lounges?

Or do I not have to include my Gold virgin velocity number in my booking and simply show my card upon checkin?

Many thanks

Hi Marc, the partnership is still relatively new. Perhaps start with the Qantas number on the booking, then show your Velocity Gold card at check-in to get the lounge invitation. If you get it, then all good. If they say the Velocity number needs to be attached, then let them swap it. Later at the gate, swap back to Qantas.


thanks so much Brandon. Much appreciated!