How to maximise the point earn from intra-Europe flights with Amex Explorer?

Hi everyone,

I’m hoping to get some advice - I’ve been searching around but cannot seem to find the best answers.

I’m moving to Europe within a week and will be keeping my Amex Explorer so I can continue to earn points (confirmed international purchases still retain 2p/$) and don’t believe I’ll be able to get a points credit card where I’m moving to. I already have a decent points balance as well.

My question is - what is your advice on maximising the points for domestic flights within Europe? Should I stick to using one airline (non Ryan Air, EasyJet, etc) that has a frequent flyer program but higher airfare cost (Air Italia, Air Berlin, etc) or just try to find whichever airline I can transfer the points to, depending on which country I travel to? Or do you have better ideas and think I should be using them for hotels or something else?

Thanks in advanced!

Hi Alex

Just a reminder that there is 2.9% foreign currency transaction fee on Explorer.

For travel, there is a way to avoid it, by booking it through Amex Travel. So they will all be priced in AUD, and whilst their prices are usually same as Virgin or Singapore Air, not sure if that will be the case for Europe based carriers.

If you value status, ie, if you do lots of flying and value the benefits that come with elite status, go for it. If you fly occasionally, stick with budget airlines.

Hi Rohit,

Thanks for the advice. You’re right, there is the foreign transaction fee which I forgot to mention. Though excellent idea about booking via Amex to avoid it.

If I end up flying often, do you (or does anyone) happen to know the best airline on Europe for points with Amex or after transferring to Starwood?