How to maximise points earn when booking - are there any advantages points wise if booking Cathay flights via the Qantas website?

Hi there. I am flying my mum from the London to Sydney in Oct/Nov for a 3 month stay. On her return leg, I am flying Sydney to London return in that same month.

I collect Qantas points and have sufficient to use. However, for tax purposes I want to pay for my flight as I will work in the UK. Happy to pay for her flights too rather than use points but I won’t be able to collect points so may be better to use points for her economically.

So the other thing is I have an Amex charge card. I have concierge looking for flights already. In terms of booking a flight that we pay for, how do I maximise points - e.g. using qantaspoints website as I do for purchases in general; using certain Amex cards etc etc. Are there any advantages points wise booking cathay via qantas site etc etc.

Any hints on best value points use on the scenario? I assume getting her a flight using points as I won’t be able to accrue points myself on her flying (she would get but doesn’t collect) and paying and accruing points on my flight due to tax deductions.

Thoughts appreciated gurus!

your ma can transfer her qantas points from the flights to you as a family transfer, if you booked & paid for her flight.

if you pay for your flight - using your highest earning card will net you the most points, but if you had other cards that offer insurances - you may want to consider that as well.