How to link Qantas frequent flyer account to earn Qantas points on Airbnb stays?

Is anyone able to successfully link their QFF membership to AirBnB.
When I am browsing, the link from the Qantas website to AirBnB is broken (both for searching as a guest or a QFF member).
There doesn’t appear to be any field in my AirBnB profile to add my QFF membership number

I did a dummy test half way and the first thing it asks me is to enter my qantas membership details. I stopped my test at that point.

Try going via this page.

Good luck.

I accessed it yesterday through the Qantas site. Log into Qantas FF then click on rewards partners. It will list all places you can earn extra points, similar to the list in the shopping mall. Click on airbnb and then it will take you to the airbnb site but will track your bookings.