How to link Krisflyer account to Velocity?

I just discovered 5000 bonus points sitting in each family member’s Krisflyer accounts that we don’t really use and wanted to tranfer them to Velocity. I followed the cheat sheet steps at the Krisflyer website, but when I click ‘link’ it comes up with a confirmation window, but the ‘confirm’ button is greyed out and I can’t proceed. The details all look right. Any hints on what I’m doing wrong?

I just switched to the Velocity website and did the linking from their with no issues.  Have confirmed that they are now ‘linked’ on the Krisflyer site.  Weird.


So the issue has been resolved? If so, I’m glad that worked for you. Sometimes any website has its bad days and the bugs appear.

I just transferred all the points over and checked that they arrived.

In the process I think I worked out the bug.  There was a grey strip that should have contained a check box and ‘these details are correct and I accept T&Cs’ type statement, but there was nothing in the grey strip.  Because there was nothing there, I could not tick the box to activate the ‘confirm’ button.

One of the transfers would not go through the first time, but I waited one minute and then did it again and all went fine.