How to know which Fare classes earns you status credits?

Hi there all,

Is there a way to see which class you are booking online before you purchase the tickets so as to ensure we are earning status credits on all airlines ??

The challenge I have is having booked 2 domestic flights via AirNZ during our trip from Western Australia to Bali to the Gold coast then on to NZ believing the status credits we would earn would help attain platinum status by June 7th via family pooling. I have discovered that the fare class we have booked do not earn Status credits which will leave us just short , so any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

Fastest, least complex way is to give the operating airline a call and check on the ticket class with them.

Hi fxholdings,

Is it Virgin’s fare class you want to see? If so, these links may be useful for you:

Step 4: When the Fare Rule pop-up is displayed, the first letter of the ‘Fare Basis’ is the Fare Class code. In the screenshot below the Fare Class code for the flight selected is E.”



Regards, Bluenose.