How to include two holidays in a Qantas OneWorld RTW itinerary with a break in Australia?

Hello I’m future planning for when I have enough points to do the 318,000 RTW in BC. I am Bronze currently. So I know I may not have a lot of options.

I would like to split my RTW trip up to have a few months back in Australia as part of the itinerary so that I can save some more money before moving onto another part of the world. I know to do that I need to start outside of Australia (I’m from Brisbane) but realise I need to start somewhere like Asia of NZ and get there on a seperate flight first so that I can return to Australia for the inbetween part. I also have Velocity Points that could get me to that destination in the first instance.

So I guess I’m looking for suggestions to help me start planning. As it’s the directions of travel that confuse me and which way works better to prevent jet lag etc.

I’d like to see several South America countries (Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Brazil). I’d like to do Canada (+/- a few US cities as stopovers if needed), India or Nepal and Northern Lights in Scandavian Countries. But I’m just unsure how and which directions I’d need to make this SPLIT itinerary work and was hoping some kind soul could point me in the right direction please. Is there a website of where people post there RTW itineraries so I can use it for inspo???

If I was to split the 2 seperate holidays up. I’m wondering how I go about that to be able to add them onto the same itinerary to maximise the 318,000 point rule? Do I need to have booked the 2nd leg of destinations BEFORE I leave on the first leg? Or can they be added before I finish that first leg? Hope that makes sense. Thanks in advance.


I probably won’t cover all your questions but here are some potential answers.

  • it is generally better for jetlag if travelling westwards vs eastwards.

  • you can’t change/add flights on your itinerary once you fly the first flight

  • I would suggest targetting the long haul flights first and then try and add in the short flights. For your itinerary to work, you need to find award seats on all flights.

Thank you for the response. So good to know I have to book it all before I fly out. Might make that splitting up the journey into two separate holidays near impossible but I’d read that someone had done it so was hoping it was a more common thing to learn from. Cheers

The link i shared shows it’s doable. You just have to see whether it’s possible within your requirements.

Fantastic I missed that as I was reading this on my phone initially. I’ll read that article now. Cheers again.

Sorry could you please help me understand “Segments” the 16 confuses me. You have 5 stopovers I understand but the word segments still confuses me. Are these layovers of a few hours in airports? I don’t know how to maximise these 16 segments as much as possible.

Segments probably means individual flights. Syd-sin-lhr is 2 segments.