How to get to Japan from Brisbane during Dec/Jan 2018 with points?

I am looking to utilise points to fly from BNE to Japan sometime over the Dec/Jan Period to go snowbaording with the family.

Ideally we are looking at a white christmas from 21 Dec - 8 Jan however we are flexible and the 2 weeks can be later if needed (no later than a Jan 21 return). We can’t leave any earlier than Dec 21.

Does anyone have any tips on where I should be looking. I was hoping that 250,000 points might be enough to cover the 3 of us but now not so sure. I hear there are lot’s of tricks to be pulled in order to get allocation when there is none advertised.

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance.


A bit more info as to what points you have would be helpful.

250k points seems a little slim for 3 person return but let us know more info and we can advise more.

Another bigger problem I foresee is availability of award seats during such a peak period and it is 3 months away.