How to get Krisflyer Gold status?

Hi guys,

I recently transferred approx 150,000 Velocity points to my Kris account which converted to ~115,000 KrisFlyer miles.

I then spent 60,000 KrisFlyer miles leaving me with ~55,000.

My questions is, since you only need 50,000 KrisFlyer Miles to achieve Gold status, why hasn’t I become Gold yet? Do I not earn Status points when doing a points conversion?

Any help/explanation would be appreciated :slight_smile:

you have to actually fly

All it takes is 50,000 Elite miles to get to KrisFlyer Elite Gold.

Elite miles are derived from the actual miles flown, plus any applicable booking class bonuses earned on tickets that are eligible to earn miles.

I thought the same as you but as above you actually need to fly that many miles.

Though to be honest there isn’t much benefit being gold with SQ apart from being able to take a guest into the lounge


You also don’t earn status credits when travelling on an award ticket. You only get status credits when flying on a paid ticket.