How to get hold of lounge passes for Emirates Business Lounge in Melbourne?

I’m on a International QF flight number operated by Emirates and I’m trying to get two passes for Emirates Lounge in Melbourne. Does anyone know how I can get hold of these. Can’t seem to find any for sale on line. I have two QF passes, but these cannot be used for partner airline lounges.

You could use the QF passes in the QF lounge instead.

Thanks for your reply, but the QF lounge is closed. The Emirates flight leaves Melbourne at 3.30am.

Not sure how helpful this info is but I got that from the Emirates website.

You can use the Emirates lounges in Dubai when flying with Qantas if you:

  • are travelling in First Class or Business Class, or
  • are an Emirates Skywards Platinum, Gold or Silver member, or
  • are a Qantas Platinum One, Platinum or Gold Frequent Flyer member.
I can't seem to find any for sell too so that leads me to think they don't have lounge passes but only access via status or premium flights (boarding pass).

If you want to confirm, you can ring Qantas and ask.