How to get from USA to Australia in January 2019 with Qantas points?


I have close to 500k in Qantas FF points and I’m looking to use them to take the family to the USA around late November this year and return in Mid January.
Going over is fine but I cannot seem to use them at all during January.
Is there another option or a way around this?
Many Thanks


Hi Mick,

I tried playing around on the Qantas website:

LAX/SFO/DFW to Sydney.

I did find some seats. Not sure where you are based in Australia and how many passengers in total but if you have more than 2 passengers, you may need to travel separately. Flying direct may not be an option since most reward seats would already been taken.

Good luck.

Hi Mick,

One other option may be Fiji Airways. I’ve never tried myself, but I’ve heard that it’s a lot easier to find seats on Fiji Airways than on other airlines that fly to the USA. You’ll have to fly via Nadi, but you’ll be able to use your Qantas points.

All the best!